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Wiki for the HHS+ project.

The Smallville scenario. <<< Info on events, gameplay, chains etc here.

Other resources that might be useful for the wiki contributors:


F95 Hentai High School - JPS Full Guide (a bit outdated for April, Carl, Karin, see actual wiki above).

https://henthighschool.net/hhs/hhs-smallville-scenario-event-contribution/ (info database portion).

Shilo's description of HHS1 vs HHS2 vs HHS+:

The original HHS 1 was made by Pookla over 12 years ago.

Then came atztek1 and wanted to make his own version (a spiritual successor, not an actual copy) in the VB.NET framework and did so with Pookla's permission. That was HHS 2.

And at some point atztek1 stopped working on HHS 2 and started HHS+ (which is basically HHS 3), which is in many regards exactly the same as HHS 2 but with some additional features like connected locations, visible NPC paperdolls, interactive buttons and a rudimentary built-in event editor. (I believe all events in HHS 2 were hardcoded into the game.) Eventually I and others got interested in that editor and started contributing some events. But since I found the editor lacking for some of the things I wanted to do and with way too much overhead in other aspects, I also joined the project on the code front and created a completely new editor from scratch, where events consist of individual building blocks. Of course, all events were still very much like in HHS 2, since they originally got ported over to the classic event editor and then to the new one. And some images from those events have been around in HHS 1 as well.

They are very different games with different focuses. The intention of HHS+ and HHS 2 never was to be plain out "better" than the original, just because they share the same name and came after it. You can still play the original to get a complete entertaining experience.

The scale is also vastly different:

HHS 1 focuses entirely on the management of the school and is segmented into trimesters. A whole year passes in three turns in that game and you have 15 years (= 45 turns) for a playthrough.

HHS+ on the other hand focuses more on the personal life of the principal as player character, so you can explore a connected world, increase your stats, talk to NPCs and find different events that way. Every NPC is simulated individually and the time scale goes down to individual minutes. There are no discrete turns and the maximum game length is only 2.5 years as a result. You are also not just presented with an event at the end of every turn but need to actively wander and seek them out.