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Event chain starts after hiring April Raymund as a teacher. When principal finds her phone in teacher's room, he can hire private investigator to check further. If principal does not visit teachers room, random event with April in class will tell that April is leaving her phone at her desk.

April Raymund

After private investigation on April finishes event can trigger in principal's office where principal can invite April and talk with her about Sherilyn attending school. Talking to Max in church speeds up April's decision to invite Sherilyn to school.

April will ask principal to pay 200 dollars to open religious studies club in church.

If April is running Religion classes at school, next event in chain will trigger. Principal will learn about problems student is having in class and can discuss it with priest in Church.

Next event with April in principal's office will allow to call April on Saturday for training.

April will be trying different sets of clothing with principal.

April's events are still being developed. HasQuest flag on her is removed via checking journal.

Sherilyn Ambrose

  1. Get Sherilyn to attend your school via April's events.
  2. Outdoors (lunch). PC's first encounter with Sherilyn.
    • Enables repeatable encounters. Down Town, Red Corner, Beach/Side, Forest Way, Gym (class), Schoolyard, Swimming Pool (class).
  3. Find Sherilyn and Sarah Lovegood in Cafeteria. Overhear about their Shopping Mall trip.
  4. Find Sherilyn and Sarah Lovegood on Saturday afternoon in Shopping Mall.
    • If event missed / fails, quest line goes back to step 3 and player has to get two events in Cafeteria (missed & new setup).
    • Principal can follow Sherilyn or Sarah during their visit to the shop.
    • Following wrong girl will reset the quest back to Cafeteria events.
  5. Random event. Find Sherilyn in Red Corner during school hours. Catch her going to a love hotel with her boytoy.
    • Requires her random encounters to have progressed to stage 2 (her and a student's stats at low-mid level).
  6. Schoolyard, found her phone and confronted. Option to ask for sex.
    • Requires her random encounters to have progressed to stage 3 (her and 4 students' stats at mid level). The encounters raise her stats.
    • Chain ends if no sex. Otherwise ends after sex training.
    • If sex, call to office (via PA or interaction), repeatable daily.

*HasQuest flag on Sarah & Eric is removed via checking her journal.

Jerimiah Sanderson

Once principal learns about April having problems with students in religion classes, principal can talk to Jerimiah in church and ask him to help April. Main event chain is limited to male principal.

First talk adds Jerimiah to Religion club run by April.

Second talk asks to help with problematic student.

Third talk fails to convince Jerimiah and allows to investigate him in home PC.

After learning about Jerimiah male principal can agree to help him. Other two principals get only blackmail and support options.

Jerimiah events end after repeatedly helping him in church. Each help step has to be done several times until Jerimiah is comfortable with advancing to next step.

Max Raymund

Principal can talk to Max at Church after April's private investigation finishes.

Next talk with Max can happen after talking with April in office to reduce cooldown on April chain progress.

At the time of writing this wiki Max events end there, HasQuest flag on his character is removed via checking journal.