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Player can select, if they will be playing as male, female or futanari principal. Games comes with three predefined character selections. Richard Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson and Caroline Johnson.

Fetishes selected during principal's selection can slightly alter gameplay.


Annette Johnson

Andy Johnson

Smallville High School Staff

April Raymund

Beth Manili

Carl Walker

Carmen Smith

Claire Fuzushi

Irina Jelabitch

Jessica Underwood

Nina Parker

Ronda Bells

Samantha Keller

Karin Hardman

Susan Hooter

Lydia Swan

Anastasia Goth

Special Students

Ameli Coppers

Daisy Maddox - student from sexy school uniform event chain

Felicia Titsbig

Ginny Nightshade

Hana Fuda

Lucas Hudson

Oliver Dixon

Peter Hooter

Rie Perrier

Sierra Hardman

Lindsey Melkers - student from enhancement drug testing events

Mandy Meyers - student with random event during Swimming class.

Sarah Lovegood - student from Sherilyn Ambrose event chain.

Eric Manson - student from Sherilyn Ambrose event chain

Special Smallville Town Characters

Jenny Coppers

June Perrier

Sandra Titsbig

Stacy Slutsky

Diana King

Carmen Kox - first prostitute in callgirl events

Jeremy Hood - thief, who unlocks lockpicking skils and activities. He has extra dialog for extra lockpicking training or buying new lockpick from him in case gifted lockpick breaks.

Jocelyn Everkeen -

Ruby Valentine

Max Raymund

Olivia Oppai - second prostitute in callgirl events

Priscilla Rosenlace - Clothing store owner.

Sally Proudbottom - Supermarket Store owner

Malinda Practiez - special "nurse" that can be hired by Karen Hardman after principal gets an event about it on school grounds.

Edgar Banks - bank manager.

Anita Yochild - onsen owner

William Holmes - private investigator

Character Traits

NPC character traits set how characters react to flirting and gifts that principal can give to NPCs.