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Lockpicking events allow training lockpicking skills. Event chain is started by reading newspaper article about crime wave in town. When principal visits the park, thief will try to rob some town folk. If principal confronts the man and asks to show some tricks, principal will learn about lockpicking. Successfully completing training event gives player special lockpick. Jeremy Hood can continue to train principal further for 200 USD.


Principal can learn hypnosis by reading book about it in private investigator's office. After increasing hypnosis skill to 20 PI can offer further skill training and give hypnosis tasks for training.


Annette Johnson events

Andy Johnson events

Private Investigations and PTA corruption

Principal can ask private investigator to run checks on hired teachers and some school committee (PTA) members. Completing those checks unlocks quests that allow to control PTA members.

Perrier family events

Titsbig family events

Jenny Coppers events

Hooter family events

Hardman family events

Raymund family events

Carmen Smith corruption and Carmen Smith Fan Club events

Jessica Underwood events

Nina Parker events

Ronda Bells events

Samantha Keller events

Claire Fuzushi events

Beth Manili events

Carl Walker events

Irina Jelabitch does not have events related to her and can be corrupted only via regular interactions.

PTA member support on school policy changes depends on their traits and stats. Some PTA members get additional support modifier via their quest lines. Others can get similar modifier via hypnosis.


Sayoko is neighbor who can come to principal asking to help her with babysitting her son.

  • Help with homework
  • Help with homework
  • Help with homework
  • Agree to Saturday trip
  • Do trip on Saturday
  • Help with homework
  • Help with homework
  • Snoop around Sayoko house
  • Record what she is doing
  • Blackmail gently
  • Three meetings with Sayoko near the lake in the evening
  • Meeting with Sayoko and Claire Fuzushi near the lake on Wednesday.
  • Decide if Sayoko should start influencing town.

Nature Way bill

Nature way bill events allow principal improve their photoshoping skills, get access to local newspaper office and relax public town policies. Once principal's photoshoping skill is above 20, random event can trigger in beach with reporter asking principal to talk to newspaper editor. Events will continue, if principal talks to reporter instead of choosing other two options.

After event at the beach principal gets the dialog to call editor at home. Jocelyn Everkeen will ask principal to do some photoshoping. Events will continue, if principal agrees to do it.

After photoshoping assignment is done, other call to Jocelyn will trigger in principal's home. Jocelyn will invite principal to newspaper office to meet her assistant Ruby Valentine and work on other photoshop assignments. If principal asks how Jocelyn feels after giving photoshopped photo, player will learn true Jocelyn's gender. Second dialog choice reveals it too, but it does not register in game and Jocelyn continues to be flagged as female.

After Jocelyn's task is done visiting newspaper office will trigger meetings with Ruby Valentine and other assignments given to principal. Assignments have three day cooldown. Ruby rewards principal with increasing amount of money after each assignment is finished.

Some photoshop assignments can require higher photoshoping skills. Player should continue improving photoshoping skills, if photoshop assignment option is not active in home or school computers.

Event chain ends after Ruby convinces enough council members to pass law which relaxes dressing rules in town. Once law is passed visiting Onsen will upgrade onsen bathroom access card to allow access to other gender bathrooms.

Missions Absolutely Impossible Done

M.A.I.D events are series of events related to Amelie Cooper looking for club that fits her best.

Secret Panty Exchange Club

SPE club can be activated, if principal meets female or futa student with corruption over 20 in computer lab. Early game most likely students to trip it are Sierra Hardman and Rie Perrier.

Mad Scientist

Mad scientist event occurs randomly when entering Chem lab. Principal can try crafting drugs and spread them to town's population. Event requires ward upgrade in school and principal having some money.

Missing Girl

Principal can randomly meet lonely girl during break. Keeping girl's company improves relationship with her. Ignoring her will trigger abduction event. It is difficult to finish quest successfully early in game. Optimal time for starting quest is after getting sleeping device from Samantha Keller. If principal selects to investigate what happened to the girl without involving authorities, principal will find the girl. Event has several perma death endings and it is highly recommended to create new save file before entering location with abducted girl.

Event is repeatable.

Panty Crafting

Event chain requires activating cheerleader club events in Sport Area on Tuesday and Thursday morning (between 7:00 and 7:40). If cheerleaders are training in the morning and principal visits female changing room, principal gets an option to steal cheerleader's panties.

If principal has cheerleader panties in inventory, Ginny Nightshade can approach principal and ask for those panties. She will use those panties to craft Cheerleader panty bear, which can be given to other NPCs in order to learn its effects. Once effects are learned and discussed with Ginny, she gets special action option to craft other panty bears.

Panty bear effects

  • Cheerleader panties - increase in happiness or loyalty?
  • Daisy Maddox panties - reduce inhibition and increase lust?
  • Susan Hooters panties - +arousal, +corruption? Student starts dressing up as Susan Hooters (fake pearls, pantyhose, etc).
  • Sierra Hardman panties - converts holder to futa. Effect is temporally and taking away the bear will trigger rollback. Ginny has special dialog for giving her this bear.

Taking away some panty bears impacts happiness and loyalty.

Some NPCs are immune to bear effects.


If male or futa principal is aroused, they can invite prostitutes to principal's home for a visit. Relationships with prostitutes are upgraded by having three different sessions with drinks. To progress event chain principal has to invite second prostitute when event pops up and ask for her name. Asking for second prostitute name will reduce first prostitute's tier.


  • Learn call name
  • Various discounts to services
  • Learn first name
  • Learn full name
  • Chat with wine
  • Pimp

Events are not active for female principal.

Film production

Principal can get event at school, where film producer asks to use school for music video. It allows principal to earn extra money.

In the end producer will return and show video, which was filmed at school. Male principal will have to pay more money than he got in first event or suffer reputation damage. Futa and female principals get same options, but they also get the way to deal with producer without losing money or reputation.

Town Council

Principal will get event to participate in town council meetings. At the time of writing event chain only allows to select which NPC will be heading the town and has no actual impact on game progress.