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Quickstart advises are based on F95 guide written by F95 forum member for 1.9.5 and are adapted to 1.10 event and economy changes.


Select character's gender in character selection tab. Most of game content expects male principal.

Select minigame setting. Skip minigame option sets minigames to random mode.Others change difficulty, but do not disable games completely.

Changing Fetish sliders impacts event effects during game. If fetish value is 50 or higher, some fetishes can give extra items at the start.

The only working base game scenario is Smallville.


Day 1 (Monday)

Go through tutorial, if you think you will need one.

Normal mode will go through initial story. Skip mode will start game in principal's bed.

Select personal and society goal. At the time of writing goal choices do not impact game play or end game.

Click inventory button and pickup items added by some fetishes.

Change location with 'Your Home' to move to main room.

Open fridge and pickup fine wine, energy drink and water. Wine and energy drink are used in some events. Energy drink and water give energy boosts. Principal might need those boosts early game to avoid collapsing to sleep after work in restaurant or late night events.

Setup School

Open Manage School to setup school.


Purchase cafeteria

Purchase chemistry classroom

Purchase computer room

Purchase public address system


Open cooking club

Open cheerleader club

School policy

Cafeteria Food -> Diet food

Computer monitoring -> Rigid monitoring

Detention -> Study detention

Enrollments next week -> Needs based to reduce impact on education level and get small reputation boost.

Student Dress Code Changes - School uniform, color has no impact to game play

Student Relationship - Student-Student relationship allowed


Hire Susan Hooter to open up her family events and activate accounting tab in school management.

Hire two teachers. Nina Parker and Jessica Underwood recommended. At game start you need teachers with best experience in Social Sciences to fix education levels before end of month. April Raymund and Irina Jelabitch might do too, but first one will make it difficult to change school policies and second one has no quests. Do not hire more teachers than you have classes setup.

Teacher assignments

Set Nina Parker to teach History and Underwood or other teacher to teach Geography. Assign only one subject to each teacher to simplify class management.


Set timetables to alternate between History and Geography and copy Monday to other days. Try keeping Class 1 in Classroom 1 to ease finding students in school.

Move special students to first class. Class can hold up to 40 students. Move others to second class, if special students do not fit into first one. Key students are

  • Daisy Maddox
  • Lucas Hudson
  • Oliver Dixon
  • Peter Hooter
  • Rie Perrier and Hana Fuda
  • Sierra Hardman

Other students that you might want to put in first class for ease of management are Ameli Coppers, Eric Manson, Felicia Titsbig, Ginny Nightshade, Lindsey Melkers, Mandy Mayers, Sarah Lovegood.

Flag below special students as favorites to ease finding them in public address system.

  • Felicia Titsbig
  • Lucas Hudson
  • Peter Hooter
  • Sierra Hardman

Other special students might be flagged as favorites too to put them on the top of the list. Once clubs get their presidents, those students might be flagged and put in the first class too.

Exit to close school management screen.


Use map to get to Downtown

Advance time to 8:00. If you see Teacher, Librarian, Secretary, Personal Assistant or PTA NPCs on the list, flag them as favorites and ask about their job in personal information actions.Right clicking top left icon in character screen changes amount of information displayed about character. You can also ask about their hobbies, if you got no other things to do. No point in asking about the job, if teacher or other character is already hired.

Characters with ! next to their name have some quests and it is good idea to flag them as favorites in most of the cases early in game. Such NPCs will also have restricted interaction options in Interest action menu, when compared with other NPCs.

Fine Cuisine

Go to Fine Cuisine restaurant, once it opens up after 8:00

Staff Wanted. Apply for the job

Menu => Yes. I am feeling a bit peckish. Read the newspaper. Take newspaper. No one's going to miss it.

Open Inventory. Activate Newspaper with Use and click through all articles to activate quests.

Close. Return to Downtown

Private Investigator

Go to private investigator.

Check the drawer to pickup hypnosis book

Talk to PI and ask to investigate June Perrier. Paying extra 1000 bonus can speedup investigation and activate next events on Friday or you can save money and wait for next Wednesday.

Return to downtown and go to shopping mall

Shopping Mall

NPC type changes in 1.10.4 game version modified items that are required by Stacy Slutsky and Priscilla Rosenlace. Adjust shopping items accordingly. You might limit expenses by focusing only on Stacy at the start of the game.

Visit Al's Security and Electronics shop. Buy

  • Coding for Dummies
  • (Not required after 1.10.4 NPC type changes) DSLR Camera
  • Home Computer
  • Five or Six (if you don't have one camera from fetishes) spy cams. Cameras are for Principal's Office, Female Bathroom, Female Changing Room, Computer Room, Sport Area and other quest related events. Three more spy cams might be required later in game.

Visit Sally's Supermarket. Buy

  • (Not required after 1.10.4 NPC type changes) One "How to Win Friends..." book
  • (Not required after 1.10.4 NPC type changes) One set of Art Supplies
  • Several sets of energy drinks and fine wine.

Visit Donna's Health and Fitness

  • Talk to attendant
  • Buy Set of weights
  • My waist is not that big. Training in club allows to influence town, but uses more energy and time.

Visit Priscilla's Boutique (clothing store)

  • Add Priscilla to favorites
  • Ask about her job
  • Ask about her hobbies
  • Ask if she needs anything and give Art supplies (or what ever she asks in 1.10.4) to her.
  • Shop allows to buy clothes for principal (first shopping option) or gifts for NPCs (second option).
  • (Not required after 1.10.4 NPC type changes) Buy Women's format suit and Sexy bikini (if you don't get bikini from fetishes)
  • Principal can wear relaxed clothes at the start of the game without damage to reputation. Buy full set of relaxed cloths and activate them in wardrobe. Do not set to wear same outfit all the time.

Visit Stacy's Sex Emporium

  • Add Stacy Slutsky to favorites
  • Ask about her job
  • Ask about her hobbies
  • Ask if she needs anything and give Carnegie book (or whatever she asks in 1.10.4) to her.

Use map to go to Smallville High School

Smallville High School

Principal's Office -> Install spy cam

School Office -> Meet and flag Susan Hooter as favorite

Teacher's Room -> Check shipping box for other training book

Spy cams are installed after getting random events in camera locations. Stay in ladies room until 15:40 or event for camera installation.

Go to Meeting room and meet the staff/PTA at 16:00

Flag PTA members as favorites.

Go back to principal's room and go home.

Principal's Home

Setup computer

Practice Photoshop

Chat with someone -> Chat with students

Setup weights in bedroom

Read (Use) Hypnosis for Teachers, Coding for Dummies and other books (works once per day) til 22:00-23:00

Go to sleep (set how long to sleep to 12 hours). Set alarms to 22:30, 1:00, 7:00. Leave only 7:30 alarm active for now.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Work on weights

Visit bathroom and take a bath or shower

Go to school and visit school office to get event with Susan Hooter

Spend rest of the school hours trying to get spy cams installation events and reading books. Spend 13:00-14:30 in cafeteria trying to get cooking club events. Switching between cafeteria and schoolyard burns less than 10 minutes and gives more random event slots. In cafeteria you should be looking for event with Ameli Coppers and events that upgrade cooking club.

16:00 cheerleader club events will probably not activate on day 2 between 16:00 and 18:00. You need more than one cheerleader to trigger camera install there. Go home.

Practice Photoshop

Chat with students

Chat a website to get hacking minigame tutorial. Hack social network, if you have time.

Go to sleep.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Work on weights

Visit bathroom

Go to park to get event with a thief. Confront the man, Ask to show some tricks. Pass lockpicking tutorial and get special lockpick from Jeremy Hood. If your lockpick breaks or you do not get that lockpick, you might have to buy lockpicks at Al's Electronics.

Go to Pumpkin street and break into Hooter home. Check Peter's bedroom

Go to school and continue working on spy cam installs, reading books and cooking/cheerleader club events. If you get random event with lonely girl at school, do not ignore her at this point in game.

If you meet Peter at school, do not try to blackmail him.

Go home. Chat with students, practice photoshop, finish reading training books

Day 4 (Thursday)

Work on weights and visit bathroom.

Visit Priscilla and Stacy in Shopping Mall shops and ask them, if they need anything. Give second gift item to them.

Visit Chemistry classroom, go to principal's office and order Chem lab.

If you get work on paperwork option in principal's office, work and cover indiscretions.

Continue working on spy cam installs, reading books and cooking/cheerleader club events.

Go home. If you get event with Sayoko, help her and her son with homework.

Day 5 (Friday)

Work on weights and visit bathroom.

If you fast tracked June Perrier investigation, visit Private Investigator and learn about investigation results. If second investigation is started at this point, principal is likely to run out of money or have to work in restaurant to get some income.

Go to school and meet Susan Hooter in school office. Tell that you found photo in Peter's locker to get best result in quest line.

Go to Pumpkin street, break into Hooter home again and setup camera in Peter's room

If you fast tracked June Perrier investigation, try finding Rie Perrier in school to get event about weekend trainings for her.

Go home. Chat with students, practice photoshop, read training books. If hacking book does not give more skill points, hack in computer to increase hacking skill over 20.

Day 6 (Saturday)

Work on weights and visit bathroom.

Train with Rie, if you have that option.

Chat with students, practice photoshop, read training books

Update school setup and add third teacher to school. You can add fourth teacher too as their salaries will be paid only at the end of month and you might have enough students to fill four classes by that time. Distribute students from second class that third and fourth classes are not empty. Third teacher to hire is Samantha Keller for Computer Class. Ronda Bells could be hired to do sports. Carmen Smith can do Chemistry. Claire Fuzushi can do Art or Music, but you would need extra money to setup classrooms for her. Without those classrooms Claire could be setup to teach English in hope of getting event with her which gives extra weekly income option.

If you are setting up classes for Sport with any teacher or Chemistry with Carmen Smith, set lessons for first class in later day slots.

Check principal's office for any paperwork

Visit park and forest.

Explore the town

Day 7 (Sunday)

Work on weights and visit bathroom.

Train with Rie, if you have that option.

Chat with students, practice photoshop, read training books.

Visit school to check chem lab and pickup book there, if you ordered lab upgrade on day 4.

Visit park and forest.

Explore the town

Day 8 (Monday)

Work on weights and visit bathroom.

Make a decision which sibling to invite. Annette has bigger quest line with more events and gives more weekly income in current scenario.

Return book to private investigator, if hypnosis training options are exhausted on the book.

Visit Priscilla and Stacy in Shopping Mall shops and ask them, if they need anything. Give third gift item to them and get their phone numbers. Gift for Priscilla will require jumping back home and taking a photo in bathroom.

Break into Hooter home again.

Go to school and meet Peter. You can make him an ally or toy with him. Ally option will fast track Hooter's quest line. Toy option will take longer as principal will have to interact with Peter in office to break him before advancing on Susan.

If you are running Sport classes, you can visit those lessons during first class window to start Sierra Hardman quests. Best quest choices are Follow the girl -> Girl's toilets -> Confront gently and like her just as she is or show who principal is in principal office.

Free evening time can be spent phoning Stacy and Priscilla and engaging in small talk with them. Stacy is relativily easy to advance and it is better to have her maxed out in intimate relationships before doing any events related to cabaret building. Priscilla is more resistant, but she can be maxed out later for extra cheerleader clothing set option.

Day 10 (Wednesday)

Visit Private Investigator and learn about June Perrier investigation results, if investigation was not fast tracked. Find Rie in school and get event with her to setup weekend training. If second investigation is started at this point, principal is likely to run out of money or have to work in restaurant to get some income.

What is next

Explore game further and have fun. Early game your goal will be to improve school reputation before end of month in order to get best possible payments from school board and deal with budget deficit by training Rie, working in restaurant and doing tasks for newspaper. Extra money could be gained from random event in park, if player chooses to sell hypnosis device instead of keeping it.

Use 7:00 alarm to wake up early and visit the school's sport area on Tuesday or Thursday morning to activate extra cheerleader events.

Karen Hardman, Lydia Swan and Anastasia Goth are not locked from giving gifts and principal can improve relationship with them before hiring.

Once Annette or Andy arrive, get their phone number, improve friendship with them via phone and do their quest events.

Once photoshoping skill is over 20, visit the beach and talk to reporter. Events with newspaper editor and her assistant will give extra money boosts.

Setting up chem lab will start police investigations on principal and require advancing chemistry skills up to 20 to progress with events there. Book gives chemistry training up to 20 points. Chem lab activates training with research after having 15 skill points.

Events with Peter Hooter will require training him in office or waiting for a few days after each event when he and principal setup for advancing on Susan Hooter.

Events with Sierra Hardman will give principal option to have special events with her after inviting her to office and advance her story further. Once Sierra is corrupted, principal will have to setup ward and hire Karen Hardman to advance story with Hardmans.

You have two and a half years to explore Smallville scenario and it is highly likely that you'll run out of stories before scenario ends.