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Chemistry skill is learned after upgrading Chemistry classroom with Chem lab and learning it from the book, which is found in the lab. Skill can be upgraded up to level 20 from that book. Further upgrades are done via Research option in lab or Mad scientist events.

Chemistry skill levels

  • 15 - unlocks research in Chem lab
  • 20 - unlocks Corruptor/Slutmaker
  • 30 - unlocks enhancement drugs
  • 40 - second enhancement drug tier
  • 50 - second Corruptor/Slutmaker tier
  • 55 - third enhancement drug tier
  • 60 - futa drugs, if Hardman questline finished, and lactation drugs
  • 70 - four enhancement drug tier
  • 80 - third Corruptor/Slutmaker tier
  • 85 - breast designer


Hacking skill is learned after reading Hacking for Dummies book. Book allow upgrading skill up to level 20. Further upgrades can be done by hacking social network or porn site on computer. School librarian can teach hacking up to level 80.

If player wants to learn about all possible hacking training by Goth, skill upgrades should not be rushed in generic hacking events.


Lockpicking skill is learned from Jeremy Hood.


Photoshoping can be learned on computers in Principal's home or in School's computer room.

Hypnosis and Suggestion

Hypnosis is learned from book found in private investigator's office. Book allows upgrading skill up to level 20. Private investigator can teach skill further up to level 60.