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Newspaper can be found after having a snack in restaurant. Picking up and using this item is recommended at the start of the game as it unlocks important game events.


Lockpicks can be purchased in electronics store. Player will need them to unlock locks in lockpicking events. Special (JHS) lockpick can be acquired from Jeremy Hook, if player successfully completes lockpicking tutorial event.


Hypnosis machine device can be acquired from random event in park.

Sleeping Device

Sleeping device can be acquired during Samantha Keller corruption quest. It adds different bar interaction options in Missing Girl quest.

Set of Weights

Set of weights can be purchased in gym and allows training stamina/appearance without going to gym.

Home Computer

Home computer can be purchased in electronics store. It is setup in principal's home and gives photoshoping training options, hacking events and generic event to impact student or town's folk stats.

Training Books

  • Cicero's Orations - allows training charisma, education and intelligence skills up to charisma level 20. Book can be found in teacher's room.
  • Coding for Dummies - allows training hacking skill up to 20. Book can be purchased in electronics store.
  • Hypnosis for Teachers - allows training hypnosis skill up to 20. Book can be found in private investigator's office.
  • Hypnosis Tutorial - allows training hypnosis skill up to 10. Can be added to principal's inventory, if hypnosis fetish preference is over +50. Book offers slightly faster hypnosis level up at the very start of the game.
  • Intro to Chemistry - allows training chemistry skill up to 20. Book can be found in Chem Lab.

Other books are used as gifts or can be given to NPCs to set daily stat change.


Cloths used by principal can be purchased in clothing store. They are managed in wardrobe menus available in principal's bedroom, office, clothing store or onsen changing room. Clothing sets have different inhibition levels and principal can reduce NPC's inhibition in area or suffer reputation damage, if wrong set of clothing is equipped.

Spy Cams

Spy cams can be purchased in electronics store and installed in various locations at school. Principal also needs spy cams in inventory to progress with some events. Following spy cam locations are available:

  • Principal's Office - available from the start
  • Female bathroom - requires random event in bathroom
  • Female changing room - requires random event in changing room
  • Male changing room - setup in Carl Walker's quest chain
  • Computer room - requires random event in computer room
  • Sports area - requires random event during cheerleader practice
  • Gym Depot - activates during Titsbig quest chain
  • Basement - requires random event during basement detention


Relationship with NPCs can be improved by giving them gifts. Gift options for some characters are locked out until their quest chains are finished. Gifts depend on character type.

Rebel types will need energy drink, booze and corruptor or slutmaker drugs.

Royal types will need Carnegie book, Formal Suit and Bikini or Speedo.

Artist types will need art supplies, DSLR camera and nude photo. Nude photo must be created after character asks for it.

Jock types will need 50 usd, athletic outfit and 100 usd.