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Basic Info about April Raymund

Alternate Name: Apollo Raymund

Birthday: 30th of May, 37


Archetype: Rebel

Sexuality: Straight

Virginity: Complete non-virgin

Quick Rundown

{Name} is a former religion teacher with a strong background in socio-economics.

  • April Raymund is one of nine female teachers hireable with her salary at $2,500.
  • She is most skilled in Social Science and Humanities, specifically Religion and Philosophy.
  • Runs the Religious Studies Club.

Her chain is a work-in-progress, but does reveal a lot about her past and is unique in being the only chain to add a character to the game besides your sibling. While certain aspects require repetition, it will actively make her easier to have on the PTA.

Fun Facts

  • She is the only married special character, her partner being Max Raymund.
  • She is also the only person to have family that doesn't share her name hint hint
  • She is the cheapest teacher to hire at $2,500, the only people cheaper to hire being non-teaching staff.